Scaling Successfully

How To Turn Your Influence Into Income in 2024

Planning a thoughtful and intentional customer journey is vital for creators ready to expand their business. This webinar explores the relevance of this concept to a creator business and what you need to consider at each stage.

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Learn the four key steps of the typical Customer Journey, and how to create an enticing and engaging experience when launching your next product.

Scaling up your creator business means thinking more like a CEO. This webinar guides you through understanding the concept of the customer journey. Learn what you need to create offers and products that turn your followers into paying customers.

Learning the customer journey concept helps you to think from the perspective of those who need and want your products and services. This is how you'll be able to create highly valuable and niche offers that your audience keeps coming back for.

This webinar breaks down:

  • insights on essential buyer psychology
  • the 4 stages of the customer journey
  • why and how the customer journey relates to creator or influencer businesses
  • pro tips for approaching the customer journey at each stage
  • a practical example of the customer journey applied in a creator business

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The Customer Journey for Creator Businesses

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